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Donations from Ee Kuo-ren's Supporters

James LEE
donated $60.00

Ho Giao Pik
donated $100.00

Keep going Ren. All the best!

Lim Kiat Seng
donated $25,000.00

Ee Kean Li Rodney
donated $30.00

Ai Lian
donated $1,000.00

Hi Ren, what you are doing is really meaningful! Absoulutely identify with your cause. All the best!

donated $7.14

Ang Siow Hoon
donated $7.14

Tan Lee Nah
donated $71.43

Well done 👍🏻 Team Eng Hong!

Vincent Law
donated $50.00

May we find an end to cancer!

Lim Siu Tin
donated $1,000.00

Carry on it’s a very good cause!!

Leon Lee Chern Su
donated $28.57

Great work!!

Eugene Phua
donated $14.29

Samantha Seah May Ann
donated $14.29

In support and memory of our loved ones.

donated $50.00

Ash And Keeva
donated $10.71

Algean Tan
donated $28.57

Leong Yue Hun
donated $500.00

Ng Shih Chuan
donated $60.00

Good work, keep it up.

donated $60.00

donated $7.14

Glad that you are doing something meaningful, Ren. Keep it up!

donated $14.29

Tay Juncheng Adrian
donated $1,000.00

Leonard Yong Li Yu
donated $88.00

For Ren’s mum

Jean Chan
donated $60.00

Lesley Dickson
donated $7.14

Mirabel Tay
donated $8.33


Caleb Teo
donated $60.00

donated $16.50

Kudos for a good cause👍

William Wong
donated $8.33

Shazia Ahmed
donated $80.00

Your mum would be so proud of both you and Lynn! Keep up the great work!

Wong Liang Kwang
donated $300.00

Yes! Let’s fight cancer together bro!

Syncy Buddy
donated $10.00

Your mum would be proud of both of you!

Lynn Ee
donated $40.00

Supporting Ren, supporting you mum!

donated $75.00

Here’s wishing Team Eng Hong full success !

Lee Yu Ching
donated $50.00

All the best!!!

Edalin Ching
donated $33.33

What an awesome initiative!

Chong Annie
donated $59.00

All the Best on the coming Event. From Anthony & Annie

Fredave Lim
donated $50.00

Janice Poon
donated $50.00

Adeline Ang
donated $25.00

In memory of aunty

Ngo Min Ying
donated $50.00

Min Ying
donated $50.00

Hee Jug
donated $200.00

I am standing behind you Ren and the fight against cancer! Go Relay for life and SCS!

Chin Lee Yen
donated $100.00

Martin Pang
donated $500.00


Lish Beng
donated $200.00

Jiyi, your mom would be so proud of you Ren!

donated $200.00

Andy Lee
donated $100.00

Sean Lee Cheng Kok
donated $100.00

In memory of aunty Eng Hong 😇

Ee Kuo Ren
donated $200.00

Together, We can fight against cancer! To all those going through cancer and those who are caregivers, you are in our hearts and prayers!
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