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100km Challenge

100km Challenge

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Donations from Soklee's Supporters

Jim Collins
donated $100.00

Sok Lee great to see you walking for a good cause.

Jessie Lim
donated $50.00

Jiayou, Sok Lee! 我永远支持你。

donated $100.00

Go Go Go Sok Lee! We are always behind you!

Josephine Lim
donated $100.00

Rooting for you! Sending major support your way! You can do it!

Toh Bee Yen
donated $60.00


Koh Keng Wui
donated $60.00

Many journeys begin with the first step forward. This is our little contribution to join you in your kind act. May more benefit from not only the act but also the thought of kindnesses. We share your appreciative joy from your action. Amituofo!

Abby Ong
donated $30.00

donated $7.00

you can do it!

Nurul Nadiah Binte Roslee
donated $6.00

Great job Sok Lee! Go go go !

Iwan Kurniawan Ahmad
donated $30.00

Press on! Jiayou!

donated $5.00

Great job !

Suniyati Binti Ishak
donated $5.00

Good Job!!

donated $5.00

Mimi Levene
donated $0.79

Come on APLL....Super proud of everyone....

Hakan Yaren
donated $1.58

Way to go APLL team!

Kenny Yang
donated $1.58


Seraph Zhang
donated $0.79

donated $0.79

Celia Ang
donated $1.92

APLL Team, supporting you morally! cheers!
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