Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Overview Questions

What is the Relay For Life?

Relay For Life (RFL) is a global movement founded in May 1985 by American Cancer Society in Tacoma, Washington. Since then, it has grown into a worldwide phenomenon, raising about $5 billion to fight cancer. Close to 4 million participants took part in RFL across the globe annually, making it one of the world’s largest fundraiser.

Singapore is the 25th member country to organise RFL. Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) aims to rally the local community together to celebrate the lives of those who battled cancer, remember loved ones lost and fight back against a disease that has taken many lives. It is also an excellent platform for cancer survivors, caregivers and volunteers to be recognized, supported and connected via a strong support system.

With a target outreach of 5,000 participants, this community event also seeks to raise $900,000 to fund various SCS programmes and services. To accomplish the objectives of Celebrate, Remember and Fight Back, RFL has three special segments during the event to express the importance of cancer journey.


Cancer survivors will start the event by walking a lap around a track, to celebrate their victory over cancer. RFL events also recognize and celebrate caregivers, who give time, love, and support to their friends, family, neighbours, and co-workers facing cancer.

Remember (Luminaria Bags)

Candles are lit inside of personalized bags and are placed as glowing tributes to those who have been affected by cancer. To remember people we have lost to cancer, honour people who have fought cancer in the past, and support those whose fight continues.

There will be an online Luminaria bag gallery for RFL 2021, where it will showcase participants designs and messages to their loved ones.

Fight Back

This emotionally powerful ceremony inspires Relay For Life participants to take action. It symbolizes the emotional commitment each of us can make in the fight against cancer. The action taken represents what we are willing to do for ourselves, for our loved ones, and for our community to fight cancer all year-round and commit to saving lives.

When is RFL 2021?

The Virtual RFL 2021 will take place between 20 March 2021, Saturday, 0000hrs and 28 March 2021, Sunday, 2359hrshrs. This means that your distance can be clocked at any date or time within this period.

Where is RFL 2021?

You can take part in the race at any place of your choice. We recommend that you can take to the park connectors (PCNs) or parks near your homes during this time due to COVID-19. You can even take part in the race within your own homes, such as on a treadmill.

Remember, if you are going out for a walk, jog, run, swim or cycling session, please be socially responsible and follow the safe distancing guidelines:
  1. Stay home during this period as far as possible to keep your family and friends safe. If you need to exercise (walk, jog, run, swim, cycle), do head to a park or PCN that is in your neighbourhood.If you are heading to the parks, please do so in a group of not more than 8 people. Please observe a safe distance of at least one metre between members of the group, as well as with other park users.
  2. Please visit to check for a park or to check for a PCN in your neighbourhood.
  3. Please visit to check on the Park Status or Visitor-ship Status of the parks before you go. Please avoid crowded places and choose a timing when there are less people at the venue of your choice.
  4. Park users engaging in sports and physical exercises should observe all safe management measures as stipulated by Sport Singapore. [see link here]
Registration Questions

How do I register for the RFL 2021?

You can register for the race by clicking on the “Sign Up” button here, and providing your personal particulars in the registration form. There is no registration fee. Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email to your registered email. If it does not appear in your Inbox, do check your Spam folder.

You can also donate/fundraise for the cancer community. Below are some examples of how your donation and funds raised helps SCS provide for our beneficiaries:
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Donation / Fundraised amount $30 $40 $50 $60
How the Amount will Help the Cancer Community Provides 2-weeks Allowance for a Primary School child under our Education Financial Assistance Scheme Provides a return trip to the hospital for chemotherapy/ radiotherapy Provide a colorectal cancer patient with 1 weeks’ worth of ostomy bags Provides 1-month Allowance for a Primary School child under our Education Financial Assistance Scheme

What are the entitlements for the RFL 2021?

Please refer to the entitlements page here.

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Tasks to complete Entitlements
Achieving donation / fundraising of $30 Celebrate e-badge & RFL Event T-shirt
Fundraise any amount E-Certificate
Dedicating a Luminaria Bag Remember e-badge
Completing Fight Back 100km Challenge & achieved Celebrate e-badge Fight Back e-badge & Finisher T-shirt
Completing My Fight Back Challenge Fight Back e-badge
Achieving all 3 e-badges (Celebrate, Remember & Fight Back) RFL 2021 Medal

How can I take part as a team?

Please take note that one account and email address can only be used to register for one runner. i.e. each runner will need to have an account and email address to register for the race. To register for a team, please select the Team Registration option and a teamcode will be issued to a new team for the rest of your Team members to use during their individual registration. All participants in the same team must take part in the same category as selected by the team leader while creating the team.

No maximum number of members for team sign up. Please ensure that all activities have to be carried out in accordance with prevailing safe distancing measures.

We have registered to run as a team. What will happen if some of our team members wanted to participate in a different category

As a team, all members will participate in the same category. Should some participants wish to participate in a different category, they should form their own teams.

What are the e-badges?

E-badges are awarded to participant who have completed certain criteria in RFL 2021! Participants who have achieved all 3 Celebrate, Remember and Fight Back e-badges will also receive a medal. Please see the list of criteria below to fulfill in order to achieve an e-badge:
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E-Badge Task Add-on Entitlement
Celebrate Fundraise minimum $30 / person Event / Survivor T-shirt
Remember Dedicate / Write a message on a Luminaria Bag
Fight Back Take Part in the "RFL Fight Back Challenge"
RFL 2021 Collect all 3 (Celebrate, Remember, Fight Back) e-Badges Physical RFL medal

Can my children join me at RFL 2021?

Yes, your children can also take part in RFL 2021. However, please take note that one account/email address can only be used to register for one runner. i.e. each runner will need to have an account to register for the race. Children aged 18 years old and below should be accompanied by parents or guardians and parental/guardian consent should be obtained.

How do I know if my entry has been accepted?

You will receive an email confirmation upon successful registration.

Can I make changes to my personal particulars after registration?

Yes, you can login to your account to make changes to some of your personal particulars such as mailing address and T-shirt size. We will only allow changes for personal particulars until 2 April 2021.

Can I change my T-shirt size after I have registered?

Change of T-shirt sizes will only be allowed until 2 April 2021, when registration closes.

Is GST included?

There is no GST on donations.

Is there an age limit to participate in the race?

Participants aged 18 years and below must have parental or guardian consent.

I am a foreigner overseas. Can I take part in the race?

Yes, you can still take part in the race. However, please note that delivery of entitlements is free of charge within Singapore only. For delivery overseas, additional charges will apply.

Can I register for someone else using my email address?

Please note that each email address can only be used to register for the race once. To register another participant, you will have to use another email address to register.
Fundraising Questions

How do I fundraise for the RFL 2021?

Please refer to our step-by-step guide for fundraising here.

How do I check the amount I have fundraised?

You may check the amount that you have fundraised by searching for your name or team name in the fundraising leaderboard here.

What will happen to the funds that I have raised if I am unable to take part during the event?

All funds raised will be channeled towards funding SCS programmes and services to help the cancer community, our beneficiaries and their families. No refunds of donations will be made.

What is a Luminaria Bag?

Luminaria Bags are originally personalized bags with candles lit inside. They are placed as glowing tributes to those who have been affected by cancer. To remember people we have lost to cancer, honour people who have fought cancer in the past, and support those whose fight continues.

For RFL 2021, we will be allowing donors to dedicate virtual Luminaria Bags with personalized messages via our website. For more information, please visit the Luminaria Dedication page.

How to get a Luminaria Bag?

All donations above $10 will be eligible to dedicate 1 Luminaria Bag for every $10. The link to dedicate the Luminaria bags will be sent to the donor via email.
Participation Questions

How do I record and submit my walks/runs for the RFL 2021?

Please refer to the step-by-step guide for recording and submission of your walks/runs that will be coming soon!

How many submissions can I make?

There is no limit to the number of submissions that you can make. Please plan your activities in advance so that you optimise your walking/running activities within this race period while staying safe.

Can I make multiple submissions within one day?

Yes, you can make multiple submissions within one day. For example, you can submit once per day over the 9 days or you can also submit 3 times in one day. It is entirely up to you when you wish to conduct your walking/running activities as long as they are done within the race period.

Can I edit or delete my submission if I have made an error?

Submissions can be deleted. Deleted submissions will be removed from your total distance tracker and the leaderboard. Please email us at if you wish to do so.

Where can I check my progress?

Your progress in RFL can be viewed from your profile page! If any submissions are not reflected by the 3rd working day, please email us at or

Can I use a snapshot of an activity done on a treadmill?

Yes, treadmill activities can be accepted as a photo of your activity.

Can I use a snapshot of an activity tracked using a steps tracker or pedometer?

Yes, you may submit a snapshot of your steps tracker or pedometer for the My Fight Back Challenge. However, for the 100km Challenge, the screenshot must contain the distance covered. SCS reserves the right to remove any screenshot deemed to be inappropriate or inaccurate.

Can I use a snapshot of an activity tracked using my smartwatch?

Yes, you can use a snapshot of your smartwatch for an activity. You may also take a snapshot of the mobile app or internet app version of the activity tracked using your smartwatch after you have synced the activity.

What is the difference between the 100km Challenge and My Fight Back Challenge?

The Fight Back 100km Challenge signifies that the fight against cancer never sleeps, and offers all participants an opportunity to test your mental fortitude and limits. The My Fight Back Challenge allows participants to create your own challenge out of an activity you are passionate or interested in. Document your challenge by taking photos or videos of your progress and outcome of the challenge!

Can I take part in both Fight Back 100km Challenge and My Fight Back Challenge?

No, participants must choose which category in which they wish to take part during registration. Participants are not allowed to change this at a later point in the event.

What activities can be submitted?

Run, Walk, Bike or Swimming activities can be submitted for the 100km category! Challenge activities under the My Fight Back Challenge must promote one’s mind, body or health!

Can I use the same screenshot to upload for all the team members taking part in the same activity?

Each team member should record their own activities and upload the screenshots to their own registered race account. SCS reserves the right to reject any screenshots that are duplicated submissions.

I have problems uploading my screenshots to the portal.

Please email us at or with your full name, email address, partial NRIC/FIN (last 4 characters) and your birthdate (DDMMYYYY) so that we can investigate further and assist you.

When will I receive the event entitlements?

All entitlements will be mailed to your registered mailing address after the event, by June 2021, if you have achieved the criteria required. Do ensure that the provided address is complete and accurate by 2 April 2021.

When and where can I download the E-Certificates?

The e-Certificates will be made available for download after the event, in April 2021. You can login to your account to download the e-Certificates.

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